SAFC recognises the fundamental role of freight transport in underpinning the community and serving the interests of businesses.

Our overarching goal is to develop a robust and efficient transport infrastructure network that meets the present and future needs of South Australia.

We advocate for government responsibility, community acceptance, long-term confidence, and multi-modal balance as key principles in achieving this vision.

1. Serving Businesses and the Community: Freight transport is derived from the demands of businesses and the community for specific products and services. It encompasses the movement of goods, including by-products and waste, which are essential to daily life. As such, the freight transport industry exists to meet the needs of both businesses and the wider community.

2. Government Responsibility and Community Acceptance: All levels of government bear the primary responsibility for providing and maintaining the core transport infrastructure network. This includes ensuring adequate funding for new projects and ongoing maintenance over the lifespan of assets. Full funding of the transport infrastructure network must be prioritised to meet the needs of the community and support economic prosperity. Governments and businesses must also work together to raise awareness and foster community acceptance of the importance of transport infrastructure in maintaining our way of life.

3. Long-Term Confidence and Certainty: To foster a competitive environment, freight infrastructure planning and development should inspire confidence and certainty. Governments and industry partners must deliver infrastructure projects as planned and on time, ensuring reliable and sustainable performance to meet desired standards. It is crucial to protect freight corridors, infrastructure, and precincts from encroachment or downgrading due to urban sprawl or inappropriate adjacent developments.

4. Facilitating Multi-Modal Balance: The infrastructure assets, policies, and regimes implemented by governments should enable genuine and effective modal choice while striking a sound balance among air, sea, rail, and road transport modes. SAFC represents all freight transport modes without favoritism towards any particular mode. We advocate for the utilisation of the most appropriate mode(s) for each specific freight task and region.

SAFC is committed to building a strong and sustainable freight transport network in South Australia. By adhering to the principles of government responsibility, community acceptance, long-term confidence, and multi-modal balance, we can create an infrastructure system that supports the needs of businesses and the community, ensures economic prosperity, and preserves our environment for generations to come.