Industry News Update

June 2023

SAFC Always Active & Busy! 

The SA Freight Council is busy on many fronts and has good plans for the year ahead. We will continue our ministerial engagements and will present new opportunities for members to connect with each other and with key decision makers.

Our principal function is advocating for issues consistent with the efficient movement of freight. There are more issues to pursue than might be imagined, so we will continue to engage positively with stakeholders. We aim to doing this directly, knowing that this is the way to get best outcomes for our key issues. If any member has issues or ideas that they want help with, please call.

We’ve recently refreshed our brand – our new logo highlighting our SA focus and aim of looking to the future for the benefit of our industry and our state.

We’ve also revamped the website, so if you haven’t already found it, please check it out.

Member fees are unchanged this year – these invoices will be sent out in the next few weeks.

There is strength in numbers. If you recognise other potential members, please tell us about them!

Ministerial Roundtable lunches 

Jonathan Wilson (SAFC), Minister Koutsantonis, Jim Kouts (Adelaide Airport)
Jonathan Wilson (SAFC), Minister Koutsantonis, Jim Kouts (Adelaide Airport) 

SAFC was pleased to arrange a ministerial roundtable lunch with Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Tom Koutsantonis MP (hosted by Adelaide Airport) where several of our members spoke directly with the minister on matters such as air freight, infrastructure plans, rail renewal and issues relating to road freight. We are in a strong position to continue to engage with and influence government policy and decisions, so we look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with the minister and his department.

Earlier in the year we hosted a ministerial roundtable with Minister for Regional Roads Geoff Brock MP and we intend to operate these ministerial lunches with various relevant ministers throughout 2023/24.

If any SAFC members have issues they want raised at future meeting opportunities, talk to us!

Talking to Shadows

Engaging with shadow ministers is an important step for any advocacy organisation. Such conversations are opportunities to increase the spread of understanding on issues we are pursuing, as well as important learning for how issues are perceived. 

A recent meeting was with Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Vincent Tarzia MP, discussing freight on arterial roads, the condition of the Sturt highway (particularly the Renmark-Mildura stretch), the need for a solution for freight between Murray Bridge and the Fleurieu Peninsula/Kangaroo Island, and issues relating to the conflict between cyclists and trucks (particularly Portrush/Cross Roads). 

SAFC has also met with Shadow Minister for Community Safety, Police and Corrections Sam Telfer from the Eyre Peninsula on freight and infrastructure issues pertinent to the EP. 

SAFC Coffee & Brekkie Burger 

Friday 21 July 7:30-9:30am

All SAFC members were invited to our informal gathering at Hark! 65 Duthy St, Malvern. 

Brekkie is on us, because this is a great time of day to build industry links at all levels. 

Bring a junior colleague (or two) along with you to meet and mingle with other industry people. 

Freight is big, yet also small, so here is a great chance to connect with others in our industry. 

Come for as long or as short as you want! Just let us know if you plan to attend with an email to: 

Our Roads SA – community event 

Jonathan Wilson gave several media interviews over the recent community meeting held by the community group ‘Our Roads SA’, this group grew out of particular concern around freight on arterial routes, particularly at the bottom of the SE freeway. 

The meeting was positive and well run with Andy Excell and Jon Whelen (DIT) presenting very clearly on where various projects were up to, including the greater Adelaide freight bypass and the shift away from diesel buses and trains. 

SAFC have since engaged directly with ‘Our Roads SA’ and we believe there will be benefit in collaborating on those issues we can agree on such as support for a Greater Adelaide bypass and the need to move vulnerable road users away from arterial freight routes. 

SAFC in the SA Budget Lock Up 

SAFC attended the Government’s lock up sessions held prior to the state budget being released. 

The budget featured two important points on existing spending: continued commitment to the north-south corridor, and regional road maintenance still stuck on $350m over four years (half of what it needs to be). 

Of real interest to us was a new line for $5m over two years for land transport infrastructure studies, which we anticipate will come from the freight study being undertaken (SAFC is on the advisory group). 

Our view overall? A reasonable budget given the economic indicators and we were pleased to see the continued commitment to the N-S corridor which is probably the largest infrastructure investment in the state’s history! 

That said, next year we would like to see the government move to address the regional road deficit, advance the work to achieve the greater Adelaide freight bypass, and look to enact strategies to support a modal shift to rail from road. We would like to see further strategies to resolve the conflict of heavy vehicles and vulnerable road users (cyclists, pedestrians) and commuter traffic. SAFC intends to be front and centre of these issue and we look forward to continuing our excellent relationships across all stakeholders to advance these issues. 

Scooters will benefit freight 

No, SAFC is not advocating for freight carriage by scooter! We have, however, put in a policy submission to the state government about the use of scooters, because we see these modes of transport as part of an overall solution that will benefit the freight industry. 

If we want to see more commuter cars off our roads and reduced congestion, then providing commuters alternative methods of transport are important. 

Some 65% of South Australians live and work in the same local government area. Imagine a scooter to the train/bus/tram, taking your scooter onboard and then a short ride at the end to your workplace! Routes for bicycles and scooters away from arterial roads will help our freight to keep moving. 

Who is Somen Jagtap?

The freight industry provides great potential opportunities for great potential employees. We decided to run an intern programme in partnership with UniSA, with a view to the intern finding a permanent role in the industry before the year is out. 

Somen recently graduated in Supply Chain Management at UniSA. He is actively seeking full-time opportunities in the Supply Chain and Logistics field, so if you are after someone who is enthusiastic, has excellent communication skills and a passion for our industry, do get in touch!

Somen (at left, with almost all the Executive) has joined SAFC as an intern, after recently completing an MBA in supply chains at UniSA

“The freight industry provides great potential opportunities for great potential employees.”

SA Freight Council